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Dr. Simi Ranajee created this first book (world of wonder) and series as a labor of love. She has seen the positive impact of training in the “softer” skills for everyone from five-year-old children to C-suite executives around the world.

She feels fortunate to be a catalyst and an educator on how much power each and every one of us have by tapping into certain innate behaviors. These behaviors not only put our best self forward and more importantly put others at ease. This is a powerful gift, that everyone can tap into. As a former Ms. India Worldwide, she recognizes that regardless of culture, background and other characteristics, we can celebrate diversity and promote inclusion by our manners, etiquette, and protocol. This ensures a level of respect as we develop deeper insights into behavior and how that behavior can have positive impact on our family life, our professional life and how we change our world.

She has held numerous corporate roles, serves on profit and not-for-profit boards and speaks globally sharing her journey. Most of all, she loves traveling and spending time with her family in Florida.  In addition to corporate roles, Dr. Ranajee serves on the Women’s Board for the American Cancer Society, American Patient Rights Association Board and Mission Neem 5.. She is a frequent presenter and popular speaker. She has merited numerous awards and was named one of Chicago’s “Rising Stars” by Today’s Chicago Woman. Dr. Ranajee was a former host of Bombay Broadcast Network, a responsibility of her Ms. India Worldwide title.


Thank you for supporting this series. 

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